Friday, October 21, 2011

And Let There Be Beer

Well, there was always beer. For a significant part of history at least (and I don't particularly care to think about the scary, dark time that existed before beer did.

I'm sure there's some great opportunity here to delve into the history of beer (which, as it were, is pretty fascinating, actually; go wiki it sometime), but this blog is about beer as related to my history. Or, at the very least, how it became one of my greatest interests and passions.

Really, I'm not sure why I hadn't started something like this before. I suppose it's because I knew there was for sure a supersaturation of random dudes and broskis who decided that they were probably qualified enough to start a blog about beer. That this background, for example, that artsy depiction of beer bubbles, was one of the available default selections from the interface designer was not a promising sign that I was blazing any new ground. But that shouldn't suggest that I'm going to be any more qualified than any of those other guys who started this sort of endeavor. But I am fairly certain of two things 1. I enjoy experiencing beer, and 2. I'm a halfway decent writer, and that seemed like a potent enough combination to, at the very least, give this a shot.

I suppose from the outset that this will begin as your average Boy-meets-beer, boy-drinks-beer, boy-tells-unenthusiastic-masses-what-he-thinks-about-the-beer blog. Eventually I would like to evolve this into a sort of beer-pairing blog, as a complement to my burgeoning interest in cooking, and a further consideration of the blossoming significance of beer in the realm of fine dining, a relatively recent phenomenon that I for one feel is well overdue. Beyond that, if the stars align, I'd like to foray into actually brewing my own beer.

But for now, please join me as I give this blog thing a shot. And, of course, thanks for the interest.

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